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Evangelism Story

A Unique Experience Barbara threw open the door, stepped out and greeted Ula and I with a questioning look on her face. After I explained why we were visiting, she surprised us using sign language to indicate she was deaf and asked us if we could write out the reason for our visit. Fortunately her friend came to the rescue and sign languaged to Barbara what we were doing in the neighbourhood. Barbara invited us in and I began the canvass on the food books. During the canvass I discovered that Barbara could read very well and also lip read. This was truly amazing for Ula and I, because we had never experienced such a situation before.

Halfway through the canvass Barbara had another visitor call on her. Barbara's friend answered the door while I continued the canvass. Alma (the visitor) walked over to the table where we were sitting and observed what was taking place. Without interrupting the course of communication, Alma began to question Barbara's friend about the books. It was only then that Ula and I discovered that Alma was deaf also. So I had the job of canvassing two deaf ladies. They both asked so many questions it was quite challenging.

Ula amazingly came to the rescue and helped as much as he could in the sign language communication. He seemed to understand what type of questions the ladies were asking. I was also writing out questions and waiting for answers via Ula and Barbara's friend. These ladies were quite bright.

The canvassing process went on this way until the close of the sale. Both Barbara and Alma were so interested in the books they purchased a set each. After the sale was finalised, we discovered that Barbara and Alma were Christians. I asked if they believed in the second coming of Jesus. They affirmed they did. We shared with them about what the Bible says that when Jesus returns the second time He would restore their hearing. This brought big smiles to their faces. What a pleasure it was to see those smiles. We had prayer with them for which they were truly grateful. - Ula Tini and Eunice Winship, Northern Area